Walking may have unexpected health benefits

Walking may have unexpected health benefits
It's no secret that walking is a great way to get some fresh air and work out, but benefits don't end there.

Unlike a high-intensity workout where you're totally focused on what you're doing and wish it were over, walking can be a more enjoyable activity where there's plenty of room for creativity and changing your experience to adapt to your emotions. Take a casual meditative walk or do your best to burn some calories - choice is yours! Here are a few "benefits" in your daily steps that have even more benefits for your health.

Walking may have unexpected health benefits
Take a break from screens

Whether you're looking at a screen for work or play, you need to step away from it from time to time. As saying goes, there are too many good deeds, especially if that good deed keeps you playing for hours on end. Putting down your tablet or turning off your laptop and going for a walk to rest your eyes is like an adventure.

Walking may have unexpected health benefits
enjoy music

Enjoy music, it's perfect walking companion. Unlike binge-watching, especially with snacking on couch, walking allows you to indulge in any tune or real business (listening to a story, listening to cross-talk) without having time or distance to enjoy TV. You also don't have sensitivity of someone you share space with, so definitely don't be afraid to turn up volume and have fun.

Communicate at a safe distance

As long as you're wearing proper protective gear and you're at least 6 feet away from them, walking is a great way to see people you don't live with and not worry about connecting to Wi-Fi. "Discomfort" in a bad situation. Depending on how much social life you can maintain, maybe even a simple wave will be enough to satisfy your craving for social life. Whatever is comfortable for you will protect everyone. Especially during current epidemic, it is very important to maintain social distance.

more dynamic

Walking is a constant activity. Not only can you get some fresh air and exercise, but you can also get out of house if you want to and put yourself in an incredible position by doing things you've been putting off. Depending on where you live and how long you're willing to walk, everything you need is just a few steps away: you can do small, inconspicuous things within reach and do nice things while you're away.

Walking may have unexpected health benefits
enjoy your personal space

Walking allows you to "customize" your environment and keep it to yourself. You don't like room you live in? go somewhere else. Don't like street you're walking on? Keep going until you find yourself on a new path that interests you. If someone gets too close or ruins view, leave them in dust. This is your walk, not theirs.

Walking may have unexpected health benefits
feel like part of world

When you're at home/office all day, it's easy to feel disconnected from world around you or even forget it exists. Walking is a great way to remind yourself that you are part of world that exists outside of your home or workplace. Sure, there are ways to feel connected online, but they're not same.

Walking may have unexpected health benefits
overcome new challenges

Whether you want to just move or walk 10,000 steps, walking is an opportunity to challenge yourself. Download an app that tracks how far and how often you walk, or create your own metric (how far, how long, etc.) to keep you motivated and hit milestones.

discover something new

One of best things about walking is that if you keep walking, you can almost always find new ways to walk and see new things. Pick a direction, don't stop until you reach a dead end and enjoy adventure. If you are not a free-spirited spirit, it would be a good idea to unfold map and plan a tour. Your hike doesn't even have to be a forest trail.

Walking may have unexpected health benefits

When you go out for a walk, you never know what you will see or what will inspire you. Perhaps church bells you hear on your next walk will inspire you to write your next great novel, or advertisements you see in English will inspire you to learn English. The key is to keep your eyes open, your mind open and your feet moving.