Stressful life? 13 "cheap" and "healthy" entertainment that will help you get rid of stress

Life is too stressful? Bad mood? It's weekend and want to pamper yourself? No money? Still afraid of hurting your body?

It's been a long day, a long week, and damn it, whole month seems to be moving at a snail's pace. When you are stressed or in a bad mood, why not eat something tasty, relax or just smile. Here are 15 "easy and cheap" ideas for affordable yet healthy "way to indulge" that will give your energy and spirit a "great indulgence".

1. Take a bite of dark chocolate

Sweet, full-bodied, with a juicy, persistent aroma. Few things are as satisfying as dark chocolate. The charm of this delicacy goes beyond its silky smoothness.

Recipe: Eat a piece of dark chocolate every day.

Health benefits: lower blood pressure, increased blood flow, increased levels of "good" cholesterol. This is a luxury worth lingering on.

2. "Decorate" room with lavender

For centuries, people have been fascinated by aromatic herbs that fill both pillows and pockets. Now research is hinting at what we've always suspected: aromatherapy seems to be good for you. It may not have all health benefits that some essential oil manufacturers would have you believe, but some research suggests that inhaling natural aromatic scents can improve your mood. So enjoy aromatherapy. Sprinkle some lavender water on your pillow tonight. Good dreams!

3. Treat yourself to a "kiss"

After work, you burst through door, say hello to your partner, and run to kids' soccer practice or book club. etc! Stop for a minute—yes, for a whole minute—and give your spouse a big kiss. Not only will a little sugar burn calories for your lover, this kiss will reduce stress, benefit your immune system, and strengthen your bond with your spouse.

4. Salmon + steak buffet

Salmon and all types of fish are rich in onega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for physical and mental health. Delicious cooked steak is appetizing and hard to put down. Take a good "pacification" of your sense of taste, perhaps this is best "indulgence".

5. Go for a manicure (for girlfriends)

Your hands are like bees. They fly over computer keyboards, hug babies, hug your lover, cook, mop, wash, wash . Ask these dedicated men to get their nails done. Like a massage, a manicure involves connecting with others through touch, which not only makes you feel pampered, but can even boost your self-esteem and relieve stress.

6. Watch a funny movie

Come on, laugh - it's good for you! Research shows that a good belly laugh can relieve stress, boost immunity, improve blood flow, and stabilize blood pressure. A good laugh can even help maintain blood sugar levels and improve digestion. Simply waiting for laughter reduces stress and makes you feel better.

7. Drink tea

According to a study, people who drank four cups of black tea a day for six weeks produced fewer stress hormones after a hard day at work than those who drank caffeinated fruit drinks. Green tea appears to have similar benefits. So, sit on a deckchair, make a pot of good tea and taste it slowly, tea is like life, and you need to savor it carefully.

8. Massage

Massage may seem expensive, but here is a luxury that is good for your physical and mental health. When you receive a massage, your body releases endorphins, natural painkillers. Massage also lowers stress hormones, reduces anxiety, and boosts immunity. Massage too expensive? Let's take a massage chair. Although effect is not good, it's okay. You can get a chair massage in some malls, fairs, or office buildings. Here is a quick way to get rid of clutter around you.

9. (Easy) exercise

Too tired? Instead of strenuous heavy weight exercises, simple stretches will not only help soothe tired muscles and increase flexibility, but will also improve range of motion and circulation, and relieve stress. Take your time and hold each position for 10 seconds. If you are interested in yoga, I think you will be fascinated by it as it can relax mind, develop flexibility and shape beauty of body.

10. Go to nature

Want to improve your peace of mind and pamper your inner being? Go outside and find some seasonal "new items". Maybe it's first bird to return in spring, first leaf in fall, or first bright petals crossing snow. Communicate with nature and your neighbors. It makes you feel connected to something bigger and gives you a healthy sense of peace and well being.

11. Gather some wild fruits (remember to be safe)

Purchased fruits don't have "sense of accomplishment" that self-harvested fruits do. After all, you collect them yourself, and eating more fruits also brings you many health benefits. The antioxidants and other nutrients in these foods may help reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

12. Call a good friend

Good friends are good for you - it's that simple. Whether you see them every day or occasionally, friends foster a sense of belonging, purpose, and self-worth. Friendship even keeps you mentally balanced. So pick up phone, lie down on couch and call your best friend.

13, sleep, baby, sleep

Who has time for a good night's sleep between a busy day at work, training and errands? You know. A good night's sleep today is important not only to avoid fatigue, but can also help you learn and remember. Experts say that most adults need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night. So rest well tonight - your body will love you.

To summarize:

In a long, tired, stressful state, it is very important to be able to relax and relieve stress. Want to treat yourself, travel, karaoke, sleepover? But are you afraid to spend money and hurt your body? Then above 13 "indulgence techniques" above that are not only "cheap" but also don't force you to do something "unhealthy" can help you, why not?