What to do if you have depression The following exercises can help relieve symptoms

For people with depression, "exercise" may be last on list of things to do when you're feeling down, but exercise releases feel-good chemicals in brain that can help relieve symptoms of depression. You don't have to do much, maybe just go for a walk. If you can force yourself to do this for several days in a row, then next day you probably won't need such a strong "push".

For patients with depression, the following exercise methods may be helpful:

1. Walk or run

You don't have to run marathons or be a speed demon. You don't even have to run. Start by walking and as you get stronger you can decide if you want to go faster. It's not just exercise that helps - being outside can also lift your spirits.

2. Yoga

The still and moving postures of this form of meditation can make you stronger and more flexible. It can give you strength and a sense of well being. Breath control associated with yoga can also calm your emotions. You can find videos online to learn on your own. Of course, you can also participate in "learning sessions" if conditions permit.

3. Gardening

Soil exposure can stimulate production of a key brain chemical called serotonin, which helps fight depression, as well as perform a range of gardening tasks such as digging, chopping, picking, watering, etc. At same time, it can promote mood development and relaxation. mood.

4. Tennis

It's a good workout and a great opportunity to let your emotions out, not to mention how you feel. You can hit wall with ball, but if you want ball to go through net, you need someone nearby. Back side. This is an opportunity to chat. You are more likely to stick with this if you are with other people.

5. Stretching at work

If you need to take your mind off negative thoughts, take a few minutes away from your desk. Find a quiet place, do some stretching, or go up and down stairs—anything that gets you moving can lift your spirits.

6. Swimming

This is a great full-body exercise, and some people find that water helps them calm down. It shouldn't take you long: 30 minutes is enough to train 3 to 5 times a week.

7. Bicycle

You can get a good workout on spot, but cycling is a great way to get to know world around you. You don't need anything fancy - any two-wheeler will do. Take it to store, cafe or home to a friend. Remember safety.

8. Strength training

You use weights, machines, or body resistance (such as push-ups) to build strength, muscle mass, and flexibility. A simple set of hand scales will work even on floor. Exercise isn't only thing that can improve your mood - a sense of accomplishment and improved appearance can help too.

9. Walking dog

Walking your dog can help relieve stress, and it may just be motivation you need. Take a rope, take your dog with you, and then go out, go to park, to community, fresh air will not hurt, you can suppress it on road.

10. Dancing

It's a win-win: exercise, socializing and fun. All of these can lift your spirits, and you can also start at home. When no one is watching, turn on your favorite music and approach it with your whole body. Even a short dance lesson can be fun. As you gain confidence, take classes at a local dance school or find a group to get together and dance with.

11. Sprint

You may have to work hard to do this, but three 20-second sprints with 2-minute breaks in between are probably as good as a 50-minute run. They can quickly release some repressed emotions. Just make sure you're warmed up - ask your doctor if you're not sure if you're fit enough to do this high-intensity workout.

12 years old, basketball

This is a good workout: you jog, sprint, jump and throw a ball. You can do it indoors and outdoors, winter and summer, with a large group or with one person. You can even hoop yourself.


For depressed patients, drugs to control depression are very important, but a number of exercise methods such as running, swimming, yoga, gardening, etc. may also be important for depressed patients. The effect is very obvious. , because it can not only relax mind, relieve stress, and alleviate symptoms of depression, but also strengthen body, strengthen bones and muscles, and kill two birds with one stone. Why not do it?

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