Can acne be cured? Acne Control Law You Need to Know!

Can acne be cured? Acne Control Law You Need to Know!
Can acne be cured? Acne Control Law You Need to Know!

What is acne?

Acne, also known as acne and many people refer to it as acne, is a common type of sebaceous gland problem in dermatology that often occurs in men and women during their teen years age. .

Can acne be cured? Acne Control Law You Need to Know!

Acne Causes

1. Adolescence or menstrual period, increased androgen levels, enlarged sebaceous glands and increased sebum secretion; some girls have acne a week before menstruation, which is a consequence of hormonal disorders. .

2. Abnormal keratinization of ducts of sebaceous glands in acne muscles, diameter of ducts decreases. When epithelial cells shedding from wall of hair follicle mix with sebum, they embolize in hair. opening of follicle, resulting in formation of acne.

3. Microorganic infection, content of hair follicle enters surrounding skin tissues, which causes a range of clinical manifestations from papules to cysts.

4. Skin type, oily skin produces a lot of sebum, has larger pores and thicker cuticles. Especially in summer, face will be constantly oily and a lot of acne will appear.

5. Immunological factors, cellular immunity mediated by Propionibacterium acnes, also enhanced YAN response in acne.

6. Other factors such as diet, emotional stress, and certain chemical factors such as isoniazid, oral and topical corticosteroids.

7. Constipation usually results in pimples near lips. This is due to fact that toxins accumulate in body, which are excreted through skin and cause acne.

8. Not accustomed to water and soil, changes in environment will make skin unfit or temporarily change texture of skin, especially in places with high temperature and humidity, sebum production will increase and acne will easily occur.

Can acne be cured? Acne Control Law You Need to Know!

How to deal with acne with a mask

1. Intensify facial cleansing, clean your face before wearing mask and after removing mask (of course, do not forget to wash your hands in time before putting on mask and after removing mask), you can use a mild foam to wash. You can also opt for a cleanser that contains salicylic acid to reduce buildup of facial oil, bacteria, sweat stains, etc.

2. Intensify hydration and hydration, choose a refreshing moisturizer, apply it to face at least once in morning and evening, and apply moisturizer in time after washing.

3. Increase physical sun protection, choose dark umbrellas with a UPF (ultraviolet protection index) ≥ 30, wide-brimmed hats, UV-protective sunglasses, etc. to reduce exposure to direct sun rays.

4.Of course, most important method is to draw fire out of bottom of pot. Remove mask as much as possible. The most powerful acne remedy.