Is psoriasis contagious between husband and wife?

Psoriasis causes great damage to skin of patients. The symptoms shown are clearly different from those of normal skin, which makes many people feel very resistant, fearing that psoriasis is an infectious disease. In fact, psoriasis is not a contagious disease, and it is not transmitted between husband and wife, family and friends, so everyone can be sure of it.

Psoriasis patients should have a correct understanding of psoriasis and not be too negative or pessimistic. When skin lesions are very serious, actively cooperate with doctor for treatment, and a clinical cure can be achieved very well!

Although current medical technology cannot cure psoriasis, patients and their friends can prolong relapse cycle and live normal lives as long as they receive formal and systematic treatment.

How do you tell someone that psoriasis is not contagious?

Because psoriasis is commonly known as "psoriasis", many people think that psoriasis is contagious. When patients visit gyms, swimming pools and other public places, they see strange looks from others.

But in fact, "psoriasis" is not "ringworm", but an immune system disease that is associated with genetic, immune, environmental and other factors. Modern methods of medical examination have proved that psoriasis does not have infectious pathogenic factors. so it's not contagious.

Patients and friends can promote science of psoriasis to relatives and friends in their daily lives so they don't have to panic!

How to look into eyes of others?

Psoriasis patients should take it easy that they have disease and actively cooperate with doctors for treatment. Only by recovering in shortest possible time can they regain vitality and return to normal life.

Also, don't be negative and pessimistic about other people's strange eyes, because psychological factors will affect psoriasis, and excessive worry can even aggravate disease, so keep a good attitude!

Reminder: Psoriasis patients need to gain self-confidence, calmly face disease, actively treat and at same time boldly express love, do not worry that you are suffering from psoriasis. before you opportunity to receive sweet love!