In eyes of doctors, it may be an organ, but in eyes of patients, privacy must be respected.

I accidentally read an article today,

I saw an article about private life of patients through eyes of doctors,

I really liked it, content:

1 When I first started working, I had to complete residency training and hospital set up a one-month gynecology clinic. In addition to consultation table, doctor's chair, and patient's chair, gynecological examination room usually has a gynecological examination bed where patients go to bed for examinations, and sometimes simple instruments such as microscopes are used to examine women. Trichomonas in vaginal discharge. At first I was not used to it, but I still won’t be a gynecologist, and it makes me even more embarrassed when I see patients take off their pants, go to bed and go to doctor every day. Many patients startle when they see my male doctor for first time. Usually professor who sees me at this time says: "This is also a doctor from our department. He will treat you together. Don't be nervous." This is generally understandable for patients, because there are many male gynecologists, so I did not say anything and just went to study with a doctor.

The most impressive time was when young girl went to doctor. Hearing what our professor said, she told me don't look at it first, turn away, and then you can look at it. I take off my pants and lie down. For a moment I was speechless and immediately turned around. Just listen to what they say, doctor, you can see it. I just turned my head and gave her a diagnosis and treatment under guidance of a professor. Of course, girl had only vaginitis. I especially admire gynecology teacher who taught me because she didn't say, "Hurry up, I'm a doctor, I haven't seen you before, shoot quickly! Don't waste your time!" A softer persuasion not only guarantees right of a young male doctor to study, but also protects the patient's privacy to a certain extent and avoids embarrassment.

2. The full name of our dermatology department is department of dermatology and venereology. Many rashes occur in hidden areas, including but not limited to vulva, anus, and breasts. In fact, it is sometimes embarrassing for a young girl to undress in front of a male doctor and even look at her back or stomach, especially in front of a young male doctor.

When a girl in clinic shows "ah, this is a male doctor" or is shy and embarrassed, I usually tell her clearly: "there is a female doctor nearby, just knock on door and find a female doctor." ." ". Of course, I also have many male patients who are transferred daily by female doctors, most of them also have skin problems in intimate places, and of course they are more suspected of venereal diseases.

Of course, if a patient comes and insists on an appointment, I will do my best. The doctor went to doctor and told her why I recommended women doctors to see a doctor. It wasn't just that. respect for privacy, but more so because female physicians were more likely to treat certain skin conditions of vulva, such as genital warts.

3. "Sometimes heal, often help, and always console." Many of our doctors are now starting to learn more humanistic care, know how to care more about patients and have more respect for patients' privacy. The “Do not talk about condition of patient in public” sign, which can be seen on hospital elevator, is a good example. Of course, there is no guarantee that any doctor will be perfect in any situation, but as long as there is progress, it is good, and this is progress in field of medicine.

If you are a patient, it is important to remember importance of protecting your privacy. However, while protecting your privacy, you must actively cooperate with your doctor. Do not give up on a rational diagnosis and doctor's advice because you are too protective of your privacy not to delay your condition. (Part of content of article reproduced with

Dr. Xu Hongjun, Department of Dermatology)

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