With the beginning of summer, skin diseases enter a period of high incidence! Have you been deceived?

With the beginning of summer, skin diseases enter a period of high incidence! Have you been deceived?

Origin of solar terms Lixia

With the beginning of summer, skin diseases enter a period of high incidence! Have you been deceived?

The solar term Lixia was established in last years of Warring States period (239 BC), which marks change of seasons and is day when summer begins throughout year.

After beginning of summer, temperature will rise significantly, as well as amount of precipitation. Hot and humid weather creates conditions for occurrence of skin diseases. The editorial reminds everyone that for a long time we must pay attention to prevention of "harassment" of skin diseases, such as pimples, urticaria, athlete's foot and solar dermatitis.

Why skin diseases are more common in summer!

In hot weather, people sweat more, and at same time it rains more often. This warm and humid environment creates a breeding ground for pathogens, followed by fungal infections such as tinea pedis. The editor recommends washing and drying bed sheets and rugs frequently, choosing clothes with good breathability and sweat absorption, keeping room ventilated, and keeping your feet clean and dry, especially when you wear sandals, bacteria easily stick to your feet. Be sure to rinse quickly and dry with a towel.

Summer is richest time of year for growth of everything. Flakes and pollen from various plants float in air. Causes allergic dermatitis in many people due to stimulation of flakes. Everyone should pay attention to skin protection when going out. You can wear long sleeves, wear a mask, drive a car, etc., and try to avoid direct exposure to external environment, thereby reducing occurrence of allergic dermatitis.

How to prevent skin diseases!

There is a lot of sunshine in summer. If skin is exposed to sun for too long, it can cause sun dermatitis or even sunburn. Solar dermatitis is more common in people with fair skin and sensitivity to light. For such people, it is recommended to apply sunscreen half an hour before going outside and replenish cream if necessary. Opt for sun protection such as umbrellas, sun hats, and sunglasses to enhance self-defense.

In summer, there are many mosquitoes, and skin is easily affected by bites of various poisonous insects, especially exposed parts, such as face, arms, legs, hands, calves, etc., often have red papules, plaques, and even blisters, severe itching . The editor reminds everyone that during normal times one should pay attention to indoor hygiene, do a good job of mosquito control and anti-mosquito work, and try to avoid places with a lot of mosquitoes, such as open lawns and forests. In addition, some bacteria, insects and mites will also breed on wooden seats in park due to long-term invasion of rain and dew. It is best to put pillows and newspapers on seats for effective insulation when you are relaxing.

Eat a light diet, but you can't refuse meat dishes. Due to decrease in gastric acid secretion in summer and consumption of more water to dilute gastric juice, digestive function of body is weakened, so diet should be lighter. Eat more nutritious and light-smelling foods, avoid greasy, fried and hot foods. However, light does not mean vegetarian food, although vegetarian dishes contain a lot of dietary fiber and are rich in vitamins, they lack protein necessary for human body. Therefore, even in hot summers, do not give up meat dishes. You can eat lean meat, eggs, milk, fish and soy products. it's too oily. For example, you can take fresh and tender green lotus leaves, which can be lightly scalded with boiling water, used to wrap chicken and meat and eat after steaming, their taste is unique, fragrant and tasty, increases appetite.