Psoriasis tightens again and again, which affects not only face!

"Many say it can't be cured, it can't be cured"

"Erythema grows in an inconspicuous place, it does not need to be treated"

"I don't have time to go to work every day, wait until I have time to heal"


Forever so slow and slow, and finally, skin lesions of psoriasis gradually become larger, and damage caused by disease follows ....

"Psoriasis, early detection and early treatment". Doctors often say this, perhaps because patients don't realize its importance and few actually do it. Patients who were actively treated at initial stage of psoriasis had better control of their disease. Let's see how dangerous untreated psoriasis is!

1. Increase Healing Difficulty

When psoriasis turns into a serious form, hyperemia will appear in initial focus of psoriasis, which will quickly spread to large areas, and, finally, diffuse hyperemia will appear throughout body. disease was born.

At present, psoriasis is not just a skin disease, but will be accompanied by systemic symptoms such as fever, chills, headache and general malaise.

2. Increase medical costs

The area of ​​early psoriasis is small, and symptoms of skin inflammation are mild, so both complexity of treatment and treatment cycle can be controlled;

However, if psoriasis develops seriously, it will complicate treatment, and even treatment cycle will become longer, so cost of treating patient will also increase, so everyone should seek medical help as soon as possible in order to effectively control development of disease.

3. Other complications

There are also many complications of psoriasis, such as joint changes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, autoimmune diseases, and malignant tumors.

In addition, more similarities between psoriasis, diabetes, and hypertension, greater likelihood of comorbidities. Early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment are principles of psoriasis treatment.