Do you know 8 common causes of psoriasis recurrence?

Psoriasis, also known as "psoriasis", is a skin disease characterized by erythema and scaling. The exact cause of occurrence is not yet clear, and it is currently believed to be a multifactorial complex skin disease associated with environment, heredity and immunity.

Things such as infection, dampness, colds, menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, trauma, surgery, alcohol, spicy foods, drugs, emotional stress, fatigue, and trauma can also cause or aggravate condition.

According to clinical signs, it can be divided into psoriasis vulgaris, arthropathic, pustular and erythrodermic, among which psoriasis vulgaris accounts for more than 90%, and remaining types are mainly transformed from psoriasis vulgaris.

8 reasons why psoriasis recurs

Allergic factors

It has been clinically found that a significant number of psoriasis patients have an allergic constitution and may simultaneously suffer from allergic skin conditions such as urticaria, eczema and dermatitis.

Dietary factors

Smoking, drinking alcohol and spicy foods are risk factors for psoriasis. If patient has reached clinical recovery after sufficient treatment, if patient drinks excessively several times after a few years, disease can easily recur.

Spiritual Factors

Psychic factors play an important role in process of recurrent psoriasis. According to clinical studies, some patients have low sympathetic nerve excitability due to bad emotions, which causes excessive secretion of NGF (nerve growth factor) and excessive secretion of two receptors. y expressions to further aggravate condition.

Isomorphic reaction

The so-called isomorphic reaction refers to non-specific damage to normal skin, such as trauma, scratching, sun exposure, vaccination, etc., which can cause same skin lesions as an existing skin disease.

Physical factors

Provoke occurrence and recurrence of this disease can be factors such as genetic predisposition, decreased immunity, endocrine disorders, colds and fever, as well as bacterial infection.

Environmental factors

With a long stay in a cold and dry environment, especially in winter, patient's skin hydration decreases, barrier function of skin weakens, vessels of epidermis narrow, skin lacks nutrition. patient does not respond in time, disease recurs easily.

Healing factors

Psoriasis is a very complex disease, according to various symptoms it can be divided into vulgar, erythrodermic, pustular and arthritic. However, some patients did not receive regular treatment or course of treatment was insufficient, which led to an exacerbation or relapse of disease.

Other factors

The occurrence of psoriasis is never one cause, but includes many aspects. For example, prolonged late wakefulness, endocrine changes in women after childbirth, etc.