Why does psoriasis flare up when I'm angry?

Why does psoriasis flare up when I'm angry?

From point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, anger harms liver, anger directly harms liver, but anger does not only harm liver. Apart from liver, it also causes great damage to gallbladder and heart. For people with psoriasis, anger can be more harmful.

Why does psoriasis flare up when I'm angry?

From emotions to psoriasis

Modern psychoneuroimmunology has found that factors such as tension, stress, and sleep directly affect human immune system through hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which can cause endogenous inflammation and cause skin diseases.

When a person's brain is subjected to severe mental shock or psychological trauma, it generates danger signals in body, and then activates autoimmune system through a number of model molecules (DAMPs), causing various manifestations of skin diseases. Psoriasis is an immune-mediated skin disease, so it's entirely possible to contract psoriasis through anger.

Why does psoriasis flare up when I'm angry?

Many patients with psoriasis are closely associated with psychological pressure and depression after disease. The reasons for these negative emotions caused by psoriasis mainly come from these aspects.

1. Body Torture

The skin lesions of psoriasis are often accompanied by obvious itching, even pain, and more severe patients may suffer from joint involvement, and even normal walking cannot be completed. All types of physical torture make patients depressed and irritable, negative emotions are suppressed for a long time, stagnation in heart is difficult to resolve.

2. Alien eyes

Constantly falling off white scales, extensive areas of erythema, and bumpy skin make many patients feel inferior, insecure, and even self-loathing, and have to endure stares and gossip from others when they leave house. This makes many patients feel overwhelmed and even depressed.

Why does psoriasis flare up when I'm angry?

3. Re-illness

Many patients strive for success by trying various agents and hormonal drugs, and some patients refuse anti-relapse treatment after achieving a clinical cure as a result of treatment and gradually relax into diet and lifestyle. This will lead to repeated skin lesions, and emotions will fall to bottom.

How to deal with negative emotions

With regard to psoriasis, it is a physical and mental disease, so patients should not only pay attention to physical treatment, but also maintain a healthy mental state.

According to statistics, vast majority of psoriasis patients are easily aroused and have severe mood swings. However, although some patients aggravate their condition due to mental excitement, there are also patients who recover on their own due to a cheerful mood. Therefore, establishing confidence in victory over disease and maintaining a peaceful and optimistic mood is a good medicine for prevention and treatment of psoriasis.

Reminder: Emotions are not scary. Although negative emotions can easily trigger psoriasis and aggravate original condition, there is no need to panic. As long as you control your emotions, a good mood will be a good cure for psoriasis, and also help us deal with psoriasis~