You know? Acne can tell you what's wrong with your body

You know? Acne can tell you what's wrong with your body
You know? Acne can tell you what's wrong with your body

The skin is also a mirror that reflects functions of internal organs. Although acne grows on face, it is closely related to dysfunction of internal organs. In fact, location of your pimples can tell you what's wrong with your body!

Forehead pimples → liver

If you always have big pimples on your forehead, then your liver has accumulated too much toxin. Turning day and night on its head and staying awake for long periods of time will render liver unable to work at normal times (10:00 to 12:00 at night).

Suggestion: stay up late less and get enough sleep. In addition, it can also be related to ovarian function or reproductive system. Do not have sex or abstain from it excessively, but rather enjoy a healthy and natural environment.

Alar acne → stomach

Besides causing a lot of oil here, it can also be a manifestation of excessive stomach fire and indigestion. If nose is still a little flaky, then circulation is not very good. In addition, people who often suffer from constipation and flatulence are also prone to smallpox.

Recommendation: Eat less irritating foods, cut down on meat intake, avoid hot, cold and spicy foods, remove dirt from pores in a timely manner.

Acne around lip → typhoid fever

Eating too much spicy and fried foods is cause of acne around lips. Of course, if you use too much fluoride toothpaste, it can also encourage acne.

Suggestion: stop using fluoride toothpaste. A laxative can be taken as a single dose in combination with abdominal massage to help loosen stools. If it grows in groove, it may be a problem with urinary and reproductive system. Women may have problems with leucorrhoea, and men have frequent urination. You need to see a doctor in time.

Pox of jaw→lymphatic

After a prolonged load on liver increases, pimples will appear at junction of ears, neck and face, and outbreaks will be repeated in same position, which will lead to a deterioration in lymphatic circulation.

Suggestion: promote liver and gallbladder detoxification, do not overwork, do not overeat, moderately increase sleep time so that large amount of blood entering brain, intestines and stomach has enough time to detoxify liver and gallbladder. Especially reduce habit of eating before bed, so as not to increase load on stomach.

You know? Acne can tell you what's wrong with your body

Traditional Chinese Medicine for Acne: Symptomatic Conditioning First

Traditional Chinese Medicine theories are based on a generalization of medical experience and ancient Chinese ideas about yin, yang and five elements. Following experience of ancient Chinese medicine, differentiation and treatment of syndromes, after using Chinese herbal medicine to eliminate internal problems, dispel evil, stabilize body, strengthen roots and nourish essence, and finally clear acne physically.

Reminder: Acne will grow faster if left untreated, and if you don't adjust your diet in time, it will make acne worse.