Psoriasis taboo it! Drop it now!

Psoriasis taboo it! Drop it now!

Psoriasis, commonly known as "psoriasis", is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease that seriously affects quality of life, physical and mental health of patients. Because it recurs easily, it has been listed by World Health Organization as one of "ten most persistent human diseases of 21st century".

Expert studies have shown that proportion of smokers among patients with psoriasis is significantly higher than in healthy people, and amount of daily smoking is positively correlated with risk of developing psoriasis. The incidence is also high.

Psoriasis taboo it! Drop it now!

Smoking can cause or worsen psoriasis

It is well known that smoking is bad for health. The smoke emitted contains over 4,000 chemicals. Smoking can damage almost every system in human body. Similarly, smoking can also cause or make psoriasis worse.

Alcohol use is one of factors that cause psoriasis

Abstaining from alcohol is a long process. You can't stop drinking all at once. You can stop drinking alcohol routinely by reducing frequency of drinking a little at a time and reducing amount you drink each time. The whole process of quitting alcohol requires help, care and encouragement of family so that quitter has enough confidence and determination to finally successfully break alcohol addiction.

Psoriasis taboo it! Drop it now!

Maintain good living habits

Quit smoking with nuts

Psoriasis patients should stay away from smoking areas in order to quit smoking. When encountering other smokers, they should actively avoid it and actively create a smoke-free environment. If you feel lonely in your mouth, you can put a handful of nuts in your pocket at any time, which will not only relieve anxiety from inability to smoke, but also supplement with microelements, which is good for skin recovery. defeat!

Use milk juice instead of alcohol

If patients and their friends come across occasions when drinking is required, they can explain their condition and replace drinks with milk and juice! It is best to drink juice freshly squeezed so that vitamins in it are preserved as much as possible, and milk can provide high-quality protein, which helps to heal skin lesions.

Psoriasis taboo it! Drop it now!

Smart Diet

Patients can take appropriate taboos according to their reactions to various foods in real life, or selectively eat more healthy foods to maintain a balanced diet.

Get enough sleep

Improving quality of sleep in patients with psoriasis is a prerequisite for controlling disease and preventing relapses. Patients should try to relax, eliminate anxiety and depression as much as possible, improve quality of sleep.

Psoriasis taboo it! Drop it now!

Reminder: for psoriasis patients, alcohol and tobacco are an absolute taboo. Patients with psoriasis should understand main triggers of psoriasis and take good protective measures at usual time to effectively reduce chance of recurrence!