Can scalp psoriasis cause hair loss? This is true?

Can scalp psoriasis cause hair loss? This is true?

I believe that problem of hair loss is also a concern for many people. Every time you shower or wash your hair, you lose a lot of hair. I am very worried that when I am 70 years old, I will lose all my hair before my teeth fall out.

Some patients with psoriasis have skin lesions on head, and main symptoms are erythema, covered with thick scales, which sometimes merge into layers or even cover entire scalp.

I'm very worried about my hair. Does scalp psoriasis cause hair loss?

Can scalp psoriasis cause hair loss? This is true?

Scalp psoriasis does not usually cause hair loss, but it can occur if hair follicles on scalp are damaged or infected with microorganisms.

Psoriasis itself does not damage hair follicles and usually does not cause permanent hair loss. However, due to severe and prolonged inflammatory changes in scalp, or in some patients due to trauma to scalp caused by excessive rubbing, pulling and other flaky scales, hair follicles are damaged and hair loss eventually occurs.

Furthermore, if scalp metabolites continue to accumulate, secondary microbial infections such as Pityrosporum can easily develop and invade scalp hair follicles and cause hair loss.

Can scalp psoriasis cause hair loss? This is true?

Scalp psoriasis symptoms and features

The hair on affected scalp with psoriasis forms tufts due to compaction of thick scales, like tufts of hair brushes, which in medicine are called tuft hairs. But his hair is normal and often does not cause hair loss.

The main symptoms of psoriasis of scalp: scalp turns red and flaky. The main sites of scalp psoriasis are hairline, forehead, behind ears, and back of neck.

How do patients with psoriasis properly care for their scalp in everyday life?

Can scalp psoriasis cause hair loss? This is true?


Remove Silver Dust Properly

Do not use excessive force when cleaning scales, as this can easily damage skin or even lead to infection and hair loss. What's more, you can't artificially remove dandruff layer, but let dandruff layer fall off on its own to help skin lesions fade and relieve symptoms as soon as possible.


How to deal with itching

Shampoos containing emollient and anti-itch ingredients can be used to relieve itching, and be sure to wash them off after use.


Does not stress scalp

If plaque on scalp is severe, especially in men, you can choose several shorter hairstyles that will be more comfortable and convenient. When psoriasis of scalp appears, it is better not to carry out permanent waving and not dye your hair until plaque is completely cured, so as not to aggravate course of psoriasis.

For women with psoriasis, try not to brush your hair upside down, but comb it along your head, and do not tie ponytail too tight, which in itself will damage scalp and aggravate skin damage.

Can scalp psoriasis cause hair loss? This is true?

While psoriasis itself does not cause hair loss, other factors associated with psoriasis can cause hair loss. Therefore, we should not take this lightly, sticking to standardized treatment, we should not forget to take good care of head, maintain good living habits and reduce risk of hair loss.