Media spotlight | Henan Provincial Radio and Television Headquarters City Channel enters Tian Xingke Clinic

On March 28, a reporter from Henan City Radio and Television Station made a special trip to Henan Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Skin Hospital in Nanjing to interview Director Tian Xingke and give an exclusive interview about treatment of psoriasis.

Based on theory of "Treating Lungs and Spleen, Harmonizing Qi and Blood", Director Tian Xinke uses traditional acupuncture and medicine with modern photoelectric technology to combine traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine to achieve a good state of recovery. skin diseases.

Recorded with a camera and microphone: Principal Tian Xingke and patients face skin diseases and solve skin problems together.

The patient, Mr. Wu, who has psoriasis in Zhongmu, works as a decorator and has been ill for several years. In past, I have sought medical attention in many places with poor results, so I came to our hospital after being introduced by relatives. After a course of treatment, patient initially had erythema on about 20% of body surface area, accompanied by silvery-white scales and severe itching symptoms, and has now recovered from 80 to 90% and returned to normal life. As a doctor, director Tian Xingke said he was very happy to see improvement in patient's condition, and also happy for patient.

Regarding cause of psoriasis, director Tian Xingke said that psoriasis is a chronic relapsing inflammatory disease, following aspects should generally be considered:

This is primarily due to genetic factors: if one of parents has psoriasis, likelihood of their children getting psoriasis will increase significantly;

Secondly, colds and fevers associated with condition of skin and environment can also cause relapse and exacerbation of psoriasis;

In addition, it is also associated with excessive mental stress, emotional stress, diet and trauma. Some patients will constantly scratch affected areas of skin, which increases incidence of psoriasis;

At same time, some special industries, such as chemicals, dyes, latex, paints, finishing building materials, etc., also have direct and indirect effects on skin with long-term exposure and also aggravate psoriasis.

At end of interview, director Tian Xingke said that in process of treating psoriasis, it is necessary to understand factors that form psoriasis and degree of progression of disease in order to prescribe right medicine in time to prevent psoriasis exacerbation.

Through this interview, we can better understand features and benefits of traditional Chinese medicine in treatment of skin diseases. The program will be aired soon, pay attention to "Urban Report".