Can psoriasis be "cured"? Stop rushing to doctor

Can psoriasis be

In order to make skin "normal", many psoriasis patients have worked hard and tried various treatments such as oral medicine, topical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine baths or folk remedies, but disease is still not improving. Many patients have such a question, is it possible to cure psoriasis? Let's discuss it together!

Can psoriasis be "cured"? Stop rushing to doctor

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Can psoriasis be completely cured?

Psoriasis associated with genetic immunity is a chronic, inflammatory and relapsing skin disease with a long course and mild recurrence.

Hereditary immune disorders, excessive mental stress, and family genetic predisposition to psoriasis are high risk groups for developing psoriasis. Psoriasis can be caused by unhealthy habits such as alcoholism, smoking, mental stress, poor diet, and traumatic infections.

Can psoriasis be "cured"? Stop rushing to doctor

Until now, there is no specific cure that can completely cure psoriasis, since psoriasis is a skin disease that is affected by many factors, innate genes and acquired environment.

Which treatments are not suitable for psoriasis?

Psoriasis patients blindly trust Internet comments and treatments in pursuit of a 'radical cure'. So what is wrong treatment for psoriasis?


Abuse of folk remedies and illegal drugs

The etiology of psoriasis is very complex, genetic, environmental and other factors can cause psoriasis, including minor trauma, infection and mental stress.

However, many patients do not understand long course of psoriasis and features of easy recurrence and always hope to get a "radical cure". Some patients seek to achieve a quick cure for their illness and believe in so-called folk remedies and secret remedies.

Can psoriasis be "cured"? Stop rushing to doctor

In fact, so-called folk remedies have no scientific basis. In some folk remedies, large doses of hormonal drugs are added, which have a miraculous effect in a short period of time. With prolonged use, they will destroy immune system and cause repeated attacks, up to severe pustular and erythrodermic psoriasis.


Delay in treatment, non-pharmacological

Some patients listen to rumors and believe that appearance of psoriasis is associated with detoxification of body. Some patients really can't stand itchy pain, so they buy some kind of topical medicine to apply.

While psoriasis can cause skin symptoms such as itching, pain, rashes, and scaling, it is by no means just a skin disease, but an immune disease.

Can psoriasis be "cured"? Stop rushing to doctor

If it is not treated in time, it will cause a number of complications, such as cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney dysfunction, mental illness, and even malignant tumors, which will cause great damage to patient's body.


Tonic Diet

Families of some patients feel that because psoriasis is an immune system disease, they need supplements and spend a lot of money buying various types of supplements. Patients with psoriasis should pay attention to their own diet in order to avoid exacerbation of disease.

Can psoriasis be "cured"? Stop rushing to doctor

Psoriasis needs standardized treatment

Although psoriasis cannot be cured, it can be alleviated and skin lesions will disappear with standard treatment such as topical medicine, phototherapy, traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, and psychotherapy.

Doctors will diagnose and treat patients according to their specific condition. Standardized treatment can prolong cycle of psoriasis recurrences, and there will be no relapses for seven to eight or even more than ten years.

Can psoriasis be "cured"? Stop rushing to doctor

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Can psoriasis be "cured"? Stop rushing to doctor

Patients and friends should seek medical attention in time, do not rush to see a doctor, go to a regular hospital for examination and treatment, and ensure standardization of treatment in order to return to normal life~