How did I become cervical cancer step by step?

Author: Director of Tian of Dermatology

1. Hello, my name is HPV and Chinese name is human papillomavirus. I have a huge family. At moment, more than 200 relatives have been identified, but in fact, only more than 10 can achieve success with cervical cancer. People call them high-risk HPV. According to human statistics, 80% of women will meet us in their lives. Among them, two older brothers 16 and 18 are strongest. They have most branched branches, and more than 70% of cervical cancers are caused by them. How? Are we powerful? Are we afraid?

2. It is also very common in our daily life, but small achievements like warts and flat warts are all done by my little brothers. If it doesn't matter much, it won't matter as much as cancer in life.

3.Our natural enemy is the human immune system! They killed many of my brothers. Therefore, without a certain skill and perseverance, it is really difficult to achieve great things! Therefore, I devote myself to fighting them for thousands of years, until my death!

4. Those who achieve great success must go through difficulties. I understand this truth, which is why I am good at protracted battles. First of all, I will be size of a seed and enter basal cell layer over a small damaged area of ​​the surface of cervix. The incomplete skin of cervix is ​​my ideal place. Having eluded examination of human immune system, I will take moment to put down roots and germinate. When I have captured 1/3 of cells of cervical epithelium, I will reach level of poorly differentiated lesions (CIN1) you mentioned; when I take 1/3 of 2 epithelial cells, that's what you call moderate lesions (CIN2); if it is not detected and brought out, I can take over all epithelial cells and even spread to other areas, what you call high grade lesions (CIN3) or cervical cancer, usually this process takes 5-10 years. However, there are no absolutes in world, many factors can help me complete my great work as soon as possible, so everything depends on my luck.

5. Like a spy, I quietly hide in cells of epidermis of cervix. As long as this state of hide-and-seek lasts long enough, there will be more chances for my success. Anytime during this period, if you go for an HPV or TCT screening and you can find me or my results, then my life will start to get difficult. Since start of cervical cancer screening program, people have tracked my whereabouts until they beat me, cervical cancer will not occur. All of a sudden I felt that my work was not very good and that the publicity was really holding me back.

6. Finally, since I'm a celebrity, exposure level is too high. Now I can only find women who are ignorant, careless and don't care about screening. There must be such people, right? You? What? We'll wait and see!